Sonja C Sapach

PhD Candidate in Sociology and Humanities Computing

About Me

As an ABD PhD candidate, I can basically be summarized in one word - DISSERTATION!

I primarly study video games and video game culture (and I am still officially on the fence about whether I prefer "video games" or "videogames"). I am interested in how social theory is reflected in, and challenged by, shared play and in-game identities. I will be creating a separate page for more detailed descriptions of my various research interests in the near future.

I am also a relatively amature coder and this website is part of a continuous project to teach myself various programming languages. Please consider this to be a constant work in progress! I am currently in the process of completely changing to this new format, so things are a bit sparce at the moment - I needed to put up the framework to force myself to finish this update, it shall improve asap!

Current Projects