Sonja C Sapach

PhD Candidate in Sociology and Humanities Computing

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About Me

As an ABD PhD candidate, I can basically be summarized in one word - DISSERTATION!

The working title of my dissertation is "Alienation, Solidarity, and Video Games: An Autoethnographic Exploration of the Resolution of Alienation and Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder through Participation in Video Game Culture." To summarize the project as concisely as possible - I describe my own experiences of using video games/video game culture to work through my complex PTSD symptoms in order to draw theory driven conclusions about the resolution of social alienation through shared video game play experiences.

I primarly study video games and video game culture. I am interested in how social theory is reflected in, and challenged by, shared play and in-game identities.

After designing and publishing a Website for the Alberta Stories On the Move partnership, I am finally ready to continue working on this site.

Current Projects